With our different massages we would like to adjust specifically to you and select the optimal massage for you. The individual types of massage have a heterogeneous effect on the body. Various symptoms such as headaches, temporary nausea, joint pain, sleep disorders, dizziness, tension, back pain, etc. can be positively influenced, but in some cases initially even intensified.

We would like to tailor your massage according to your needs and thus set the appropriate massage priorities.

We would like to additionally draw your attention to the following:

Our treatments are performed exclusively at your request and we assume no liability for any damage to your body. Our treatments do not necessarily replace a visit to the doctor and we do not claim to be able to replace conventional medicine. Our treatments are designed to relax and loosen your muscles, stimulate your blood flow and stimulate your lymphatic system.

It is exclusively your responsibility to clarify with a doctor whether a massage as offered by us is compatible with your current state of health. We assume no liability for personal injury or property damage of any kind. Participation in a massage or wellness treatment is always at your own risk. You represent that you are free of any illness or infirmity that would prevent you from receiving a massage at ‘Gamlai-Thong Wellness and Therapeutic Thai Massages’.

We do not give medical advice or make diagnoses. Healing may only be performed by doctors or non-medical practitioners in Germany. No massage replaces a diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or non-medical practitioner, therefore Thai massages are always and exclusively to be seen as prevention or promotion of well-being.

We ask for your understanding that in case of certain medical conditions a massage treatment has to be postponed or even refused.

Our staff will be happy to provide you with detailed information.

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