Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is a therapeutic massage technique known in Thailand as Nuad Phaen Boran (Thai: นวดแผนโบราณ), which means “ancient healing touch”. The origin of this teaching comes from India and dates back 2500 years. This art of massage is still an important part of life in Thailand and is taught and applied everywhere. The foundation of Thai massage is the Ayurvedic system of 72000 energy lines (nadis), of which ten (sip sen – สิบเส้น) are worked on in Thai massage.

Traditional Thai massage relieves stress and tension and brings body and mind in harmony. Enjoy a few soothing hours in our massage studio in a pleasant, clean and beautiful atmosphere, far away from the stressful everyday life. With the help of an innovative lighting concept, we create an ambience that is second to none. Under the practiced hands of our experienced and well-trained masseuses, you can relax wonderfully while listening to suitable music. We have already provided countless satisfied customers with a soothing break from everyday life in this way.

A traditional Thai massage can help, for example, with:

  • Headache and dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea and constipation
  • Sleep disorders and tinnitus
  • Back and knee pain

Enjoy the relaxing effect of a traditional Thai massage

Nuad Thai is based on the Ayurvedic teaching of the 72,0000 energy lines. The traditional Thai massage is dedicated to the ten most important of them. On these lines lie the so-called energy or marma points; also known as acupressure points. Another important part of Nuad Thai are ancient classical yoga techniques as well as acupressure techniques, which are used to mobilize joints and massage specific points while applying pressure. Through the pressure point massage, the circulation of the blood is stimulated, blockages and tensions are released.

Traditional Thai massage refers to the whole body. By stretching, twisting and bending individual parts of the body – especially the stretching of the spine – the muscles of your body are relaxed. This also stimulates your circulation and the body’s metabolism. Gentle massage strokes alternate with stronger, more forceful ones. The massage is always done without oil, so that the hands do not slip too much. Our masseuses use not only their hands, but also elbows and knees, as is customary in a classic Nuad Thai massage.

This also includes the practiced interplay between tension and relaxation. By pulling and stretching your arms and legs, as well as folding them behind your back, you will experience a holistic relaxation. During the massage, focus on your breathing and the soothing and synchronized touches on your body. Let yourself fall completely and enjoy powerful and relaxing effects of a traditional Thai massage.

Visit our easily accessible massage studio between the subway stations Bismarckstraße and Sophie-Charlotte-Platz. Let yourself be pampered by extremely experienced masseuses at fair prices. Regular customers additionally benefit from our bonus system. Every tenth massage is free! In addition, you can expect an extensive hygiene concept in our studio.

Treatment Traditional Thai Massage


Single massage ladies
30 Minutes35,- €
60 Minutes50,- €
90 Minutes75,- €
120 Minutes90,- €
Single massage men
30 Minutes35,- €
60 Minutes55,- €
90 Minutes85,- €
120 Minutes105,- €
Couples massages
30 Minutes70,- €
60 Minutes100,- €
90 Minutes150,- €
120 Minutes200,- €

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